Live painting today at Edmonton City Hal

Live Painting ... I love an audience!

What is it? 

Live painting is an excellent addition to any event. It is an art piece created before the eyes of your guests! Unlike music, which can interfere with conversation, live painting is a visual delight, but does not overwhelm any speakers. Live painting is appealing, the guests can live vicariously and watch a creative process unfold, and a mess being made, but without any of the clean up! 


Yes! When we see art happening we engage with our right brain, most of our world is left brain focused (linear, logical, structured, predictable), but when we engage with our right brain we become more open to possibilities, creative thinking, spontaneity and connection! Live painting increases the right brain potential of your event!! 

What about the mess? 

I make sure to cover my work area with plastic or drop cloths so there is no mess to deal with ! 

What happens with the painting at the end of the event? 

When your event ends the painting can either be auctioned off, or I take it back to my studio. 

How much does it cost? 

We can discuss together the structure. The cost depends on the event (charity or private), if the painting will be auctioned, how the auctioned amount will be split, or if I take the piece back to the studio with me.