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Art that rekindles wonder and beauty, and celebrates the magic of the human spirit.

Ania Telfer. Creating joy. Cultivating wonder

Welcome to my world of contemporary abstract art, where the spirit meets the canvas. Through bold, colorful and intuitive brushstrokes, I aim to transport viewers to a place of joy, wonder and upliftment. My art is inspired by the world of the spirit and the limitless potential of the human soul.


Each painting is a unique expression of emotion and energy, a visual representation of the unseen forces that shape our world. Through my art, I hope to inspire positive change and uplift the world one painting at a time.


From vibrant bursts of colour, to fluid, sweeping strokes, my paintings are a celebration of the beauty and power of the human spirit. They are an invitation to let go of the mundane and enter a world of wonder and possibility.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply looking for a moment of inspiration, my paintings offer a window into the transformative power of creativity. Join me on this journey and experience the joy and upliftment that art can bring to your life.

I also offer art based mental health therapy for individuals, groups and workshops for children, adults, couples and school programming at Art Can Rescue the World studio.


Ania Telfer, a Baha’i, intuitive, multidisciplinary artist, third-culture kid, second-generation Canadian, of Polish descent, was born in Toronto and currently resides in amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton). She studied painting in Italy, holds a graduate certificate in expressive arts and a minor in photography. Recipient of an individual 2019 grant and a 2023 collective grant from the Edmonton Arts Council, Ania's work is a testament to her dedication to expanding creative horizons while fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. With a background in expressive arts therapy, counseling, and photography, Ania's work transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing paintings, mentorship, dance collaborations, multi-media, installations, eco-art, and interactive experiences. Ania's work as an arts-based mental health therapist informs her belief in the transformative power of creativity, intertwining healing, spirituality, and artistic expression. Through her practice, she aims to invite viewers into realms of wonder and self-discovery, evoking profound moments of joyful possibility and perception. Ania’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and nurturing collaborative networks reflects her vision of art as a catalyst for personal and societal transformation.


  • Ontario Academic Credit in Art; Sienna, Venice& Florence, Italy

  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design; Halifax, Canada

  • Concordia University; Montreal, Canada
    BA in Communication, Minor in Photography

  • St. Stephen’s College; Edmonton, Canada
    Spiritually Focused Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate 

  • City University of Seattle; Edmonton, Canada
    Masters of Counselling (in progress)



Artistic and cultural work presented to the public

2024                Polish Art of Edmonton / Polish Cultural Society of Edmonton / Edmonton AB

2024                Featured at Epcor Qualico Tower and Edmonton City Centre Mall, Edmonton AB

2024                Immortal Realm / Theatrical live painting, Painter / Performer, Dancer, Collaborator / Unveiling Cabaret / Beyond the Frame  Collective / Mile Zero Dance / Edmonton AB

2024                Chromatic Conscious / Theatrical live painting, Painter, Performer, Dancer, Collaborator / Unveiling Cabaret / Mile Zero Dance / Outside the Frame Collective / Edmonton AB

2023                If Walls Could Talk, If Floors Had Eyes/ Artist: paintings and ceramics / Stollery Gallery/ Edmonton, AB

2023                Glimpses of the Divine Springtime / Artist: paintings, floral installation / Bleeding Heart Art Space / Edmonton AB

2023                Love / Artist: paintings / NOA Gallery / Edmonton AB

2022                Eternal Summer / Artist: paintings / Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery / Stony Plain, AB

2022                Opening Exhibition / Artist: paintings / NOA Gallery / Edmonton AB

2022                 SkirtsAFire Festival / Artist: Live Painting / Edmonton AB

2022                Isolation Art / Lois Hole Library / Edmonton AB

2021                Smalls / Blue Sky Lofts / Edmonton AB

2021                PandemArtium / Artist: painter / Harcourt House / Edmonton AB

2021                March / Artist: painter / Women Artist Born Global / Online

2021                Social Media Takeover / Artist: painter / Bleeding Heart Art Space / Edmonton AB

2020                Imagine / Artist: painter / Stanley Milner Library / Edmonton AB

2020                Summer / Artist: painter / Women Artist Born Global / Online

2020                Ridvan Festival / Artist: Live Painting / Edmonton AB

2019                A Face in the Crowd / Artist: painter/ Edmonton AB

2019                Metaphor and Art / Artist: painter / Harcourt House / Edmonton AB

2019                YEG Canvas / Artist: painter / Edmonton AB

2019                Ridvan Festival / Artist: Live Painting / Edmonton AB

2019                Heal Me / Artist: painter / Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital / Edmonton AB

2018                Art Mentorship Society of Alberta / Artist: painter / Edmonton AB

2018                C-Tribe Festival / Artist: Live Painting / Edmonton AB

2018                Art From The Unknown/ Artist: painter / Edmonton AB

2018                In Search of the Human Essence / Artist: film / Harcourt House / Edmonton AB

2018                NextFest / Artist: painter / Edmonton, AB

2017                Art Mentorship Society of Alberta / Artist: painter / Edmonton AB

2017                Valleys of Wonder / Self-published board book / Edmonton AB

2016                Art Mentorship Society of Alberta / Artist: painter / Edmonton AB

2016                Homesick / Artist: photography / N. Vancouver Community Arts Council / Vancouver BC

2007                The Valley of Search / Artist: photography / Latitude 53 / Edmonton AB

1999                Women in Photography / Artist: photography / Anna Leonowens Gallery / Halifax NS


Arts and cultural work experience and community collaboration activities

2023/current    Building Vibrant Communities; Find Your Bliss / Expressive Arts Workshop / Strathcona Library / Edmonton Public Schools; Bruyer & Mackay LLP / NDT Global / Edmonton, AB; Nisku, AB; Sherwood Park, AB

2023/ current   Arts Classes for Children / Art Can Rescue the World / Edmonton, AB

2023/ current   Arts Based Mental Health Counselling / Art Can Rescue the World / Edmonton, AB

2014                Truth and Reconciliation Art Project / Baha’i Children’s Class / Collaboration with Bent Arrow Organization / Edmonton AB

2019/ current   Team Building Through Expressive Arts / Edmonton AB

2000 – 2014    Photography and Video/ Montreal, QC; Lucknow, India; Edmonton, AB


Teaching and mentorships

2022                Building Vibrant Communities / Junior Youth Empowerment Program / Edmonton AB

2019                Building Vibrant Communities / Alberta Baha'i Winter School / Edmonton AB

Volunteer and art donations for non-profit

2024                Art for Auction / Mile Zero Dance / Edmonton, AB

2023                Art for Auction / Amy’s House / Edmonton, AB

2022                Art for Auction / Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery /Stony Plain, AB

2019                Art for Auction / Alberta Baha’i Winter School / Edmonton AB

2007- present  Arts Workshop Facilitator / Edmonton Baha'i Community / Adults and children / Edmonton, AB



2023                Nina Haggerty Arts Centre/ RBC Emerging Artist Program/ About: mentored artists with disabilities and received mentorship from arts professionals / Edmonton AB


Artist talks, presentations and articles

2023                Where Creativity Meets Divinity / Presentation / Edmonton Baha’i Community/ Edmonton /

2022                Divine Springtime / Artist Talk / Bleeding Heart Art Space / Edmonton AB

2021                Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience / Selkie Publications

2021                Q&A: Art Life and Creativity / Presentation / Edmonton Public Library, Edmonton AB



2023                Artist Driven Major Projects / Edmonton Arts Council

2019                Exploration and Experimentation / Edmonton Arts Council


Media coverage

2024                Renew a Tranquil Conscience Within Me / Interview for Edmonton City Centre Mall / Edmonton AB /

2024                Syrenka Art Exhibition / AR-point99 / interview 2:06-2:35 about: my recent art projects /

2020                Podcast Interview / A Baha’i Perspective / About: how the Baha’i Faith and spirituality have shaped my approach to art making /

2021                The Oneness of All Spiritual Life / Contributor to Mediation Project/ Painting /

2019                Educating Children Through Arts / Film Interview / Edmonton Baha’i Community / Edmonton, AB

2019                I Paint the Spiritual World / Sonjel Vreeland / About: the inspiration behind my art /

2019                Emerging Transformed  / Monika Blichar / About: the role of intuition in my creative process /



2023-present   Member / CARFAC Alberta

2023-present   Painter, Performer, AV, Dancer, Collaborator / Beyond the Frame Collective

2022-present   Member / Alberta Society of Artists

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