Paint with me! An inner journey through paint...

What is it? 

I offer collaborative paintings. You will experience my guidance with intuition, answering deep inner questions through painting, movement, spiritual connection and journaling as well as my technical expertise in composition, design and artistic media. At the end of our sessions you have a gorgeous painting full of meaning, that you created! 

How often do we meet? 
We meet four times, once per week or every two weeks. 

What happens in the sessions? 

Session 1:

Our first session focuses on cleansing ourselves and the space, intention setting and releasing our inhibitions on the canvas you create your first layers. In between sessions, you will journal about your experience and come prepared to answer the questions that your canvas posed to you. Remember, the canvas itself has an intention for what it wishes to be and teachings for you! Through my gentle guidance you can learn to read these mysteries for yourself too. 

Session 2:

In our second session we continue exploring an intuitive painting process, we engage deeply with the piece and with ourselves. If it feels right, we may journal onto the actual piece, we cover areas up, while leaving some layers peeking through... are there any areas you are drawn to? What do you love about the piece? What do you want more of? Which colours do you crave? Sometimes you are doing the painting, sometimes we both are. 

A session for me:

In between the second and third session, I paint a layer myself to add elements of my intuition, and compositional design.

Session three: 

In our third session together we continue to build and refine the painting and reflect on your intention and the evolution of the creative process and the inner journey led by the creative source. 

Last session:

In our last session we meet to add any details and do a final reflection, offer gratitude and sign our work. 

How do I get my piece? 

I will varnish, paint edges, attach a wire on the back for hanging and deliver to you within two weeks of our last session. 

How large is the canvas? 

36x48". That is the minimum size for this project. We can go larger too!!

How long are the session? 

Each session is between 60-90min. 

Do I need any supplies? 

No. I use the highest quality acrylic paints, so the pigment remains deep and won't lose colour over time. However, if you go to the art store and are very drawn to a few colours of products, then please honour your intuition and bring them! :) 

This is awesome. Can I do this with my partner/ child? 

Yes!! Making art together is one of the best ways to deepen our connections with others. We will build a custom session plan for you. 

What are your qualifications? 

In addition to being an artist, I have studied art therapy, and have been doing community building through the arts for over a decade. See my paper here for an in-depth analysis of the role of arts in our healing journey. I am passionate about the intersection between healing, arts and spirituality, I believe they are all one and there is nothing I love more than to be of service to souls in their growth! 

Sign me up! What's the cost? 

A 36x48" canvas costs $600. We can go larger, and the price can be negotiated from there.

Contact me by email to learn more and book your sessions!